Research Seminars


USI offers research seminars with focus on current topics with connections to the Mediterranean area, like migration, democracy and family law. All seminars are cross-disciplinary and aim to establish new contacts and increase the exchange of ideas between researchers from Sweden and researchers from the region.

To date, the USI network has organized four seminars on location at the Swedish Mediterranean Institutes – two in Alexandria, one in Istanbul and one in Rome. The first seminar was arranged during the Arab Spring, 2011 in Alexandria. The theme was “How to build democracy in former autocracies”.

Participation in a USI seminar

Invited participants are researchers at universities and the Swedish Mediterranean Institutes within the USI cooperation, as well as researchers and other actors in the Swedish Institute’s host countries. Researchers from Sweden are normally able to apply for funding from their faculty to cover travel expenses, depending on the terms negotiated at your university. Please contact your university contact for more details.

Previous Seminars

Creating Confidence and Democracy in Previous Autocracies, Alexandria 2011
Read the report here: Report Creating Confidence and Democracy in Previous Autocracies

The Role of Education in Democratic Societies, Alexandria 2013
Read the report here: The role of education in democratic societies – report

Religion, Law and Society, Istanbul 2014

Migration and the Mediterranean – past and present, Rom 2014








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