Refugees, Rights and Realities – 7,5 ECTS




Throughout history people have been migrating within and between countries and continents. A considerable proportion of migrants in the contemporary world are refugees, fleeing war, oppression, environmental and natural disaster. Internal, transnational and global displacement jeopardizes security, health, welfare and prospects of development for refugees, but also leads to major economical, social and political challenges to receiving nations and communities globally.

This course examines migration and refugees with a special emphasis on questions related to human rights, identity, culture, gender and politics. Through fieldwork based at in a noted migration research center in Jordan, students will acquire knowledge and understanding of lived realities of refugees as well as the effects migration has on the surrounding society.

During an internet based preparation segment of the course, students will acquaint with central theoretical concepts and methods relevant to migration and refugee studies. During the second phase of the course, students will be based at Yarmouk University in Jordan, where they will receive lectures from Jordanian and Swedish teachers and refugee organization representatives. In parallel, students will conduct fieldwork in communities relevant for the understanding of implications the refugee situation.

Study venues: Lund/Göteborg/Växjö and Irbid/Jerusalem/Beer Sheva Contacts
Language: English – Lund University
Period: This course is currently not offered by USI
Pace: Half – Gothenburg University
Application via: This course is currently not offered by USI – Linnaeus University










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