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USI – Universities and Swedish Institutes in Cooperation for Internationalization – Is a cross-disciplinary network that promotes internationalization of Swedish research and education. The focus of our activities consists of two main parts – advanced courses with field studies in the Mediterranean and research seminars with invited participants from Sweden and the Mediterranean region.

The cooperation within the USI network is not bound by contract. It is based on the individual institution’s commitment and interest. The cooperation is faculty-based, but has the support of the respective university management. Participating parties to date are:

And the Swedish Institutes in:

The collaboration is formed around the Swedish institutes around the Mediterranean. This offers students and researchers influences from beyond the Anglo-Saxon part of the world that is otherwise dominant in the internationalization of Swedish education and research. USI also operates cross-disciplinary, across faculty borders. As a rule, most courses are given by two or three different faculties from different Swedish universities.


The USI organization consists of the Network, the Working Party and the Office.

The Network consists of the USI chairperson, representatives from the participating faculties and one representative from each of the Swedish Institutes. Each university chooses their representatives in the Network. The Network makes a decisions regarding the policies for course selection, financing and organization.

The Working Party consists of the USI chairperson, one representative for the Swedish Institutes and two representatives from each university; one academic representative and one administrative. The Working Party prepares the network meetings and performs the decided subsequent work. In between meetings they work on behalf of the network with matters aimed to advance and manage USI efforts.

The Office works on behalf of the Network and the Working Party. The duties of the office can be shared between several universities. The Office manages parts of the administration and ongoing operations to sustain USI network.

Collaboration Universities in the Region

Over the years, USI has been in contact with, and cooperated with, several universities in the Mediterranean region. The universities have had participants in our research seminars, contributed with teachers for the courses and in some cases allowed students to study together with the Swedish students during parts of the field studies.

The collaboration universities include, among others:

  • Alexandria University
  • Ben Gurion University
  • National Technical University of Athens
  • Roma Tre University
  • University of Athens
  • University of Thessaly
  • Yarmouk University


The History of the USI Network

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