Communicative variation in time and space – 7.5 ECTS

Explore conditions for communication in Rome

The course deals with temporal and spatial variation in different kinds of communication, with a special focus on the city of Rome and on everyday situations. The course primarily targets advanced level students in a broad array of orientations, for example: media and communication studies, journalism, history, ancient culture and civilization, linguistics, modern and classical languages, logopedics, cultural studies, literature and philosophy. But anyone with an undergraduate degree and an interest in communication is welcome to participate.

The course is based on three themes: the power, aesthetics and everyday life. Within these themes we will study definitions of written, spoken, and semiotic communication, changes in communication patterns that arise in a social and political context, and situation-determined interaction – communicative creativity in everyday situations (language, gestures, facial expressions).

The course consists of web-based studies in Sweden, two weeks of study including field work in Rome, and a project to be completed during the course. The course period that is spent in Rome is arranged in collaboration with the Swedish Institute in Rome and Università Roma 3. Students will meet students and teachers from the University of Rome on-site. English will be the contact language in Rome.

Studieort:Lund/Rome Kontaktpersoner
Language: Swedish/English Petra Bernardini– Lund
Period: This course is currently not offered by USI

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Study Pace:50% Jonas Carlquist – Umeå
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