Istanbul – cultural encounters, monuments and identity between East and West – 15 ECTS

This course covers cultural encounters of all kinds, with a focus on Istanbul – from the Byzantine and Ottoman period until today.

First and foremost is this course for humanities, social sciences and theology scholars, but anyone with an undergraduate degree and an interest in the global cultural heritage is welcome to attend.

This course provides a reflective view of who was using the material culture, which claimed they had, and what you wanted to say with various monuments. During the course dealt with literature, music, art, environments and architecture from different traditions of knowledge and different times. The course provides a background to the Istanbul exchange’s rich history and religious conditions. The course includes field trips related to Turkish collections in Sweden to include the Museum and the Nordic Museum.

The first two weeks of instruction provided in Sweden. This is followed by a week in Istanbul itself. During the course, a project will be finished, as addressed in the seminars during a final week in Sweden. Teachers supervise and help with content, theory, methodology and practical solutions. In Istanbul is taught partly in the form of field work through the study of environments, buildings and art. Duration is located in Turkey, organized in collaboration with the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul.

Istanbul – a city of cultural encounters

A city with a long history can be said to be a product of their memories. The memories appear physically in the house, places, statues and artwork that has survived invasions, ideological turmoil and the ravages of time. We must seize these physical memories actively to reach the historical knowledge. Istanbul will serve as a case study for the course. For a long time Istanbul (Constantinople), the largest and most important metropolis in the eastern Mediterranean region. Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk describes Istanbul in “Black Book” which closed and dark – but that the city is read by the curious viewer.

We will read the city, and moving frequently in Istanbul: in mosques, churches, palaces, museums but also in everyday environments at bazaars, squares and streets. We shall explore the city with different glasses: northerner’s view of the “Oriental”, walkers desintresserade glance, the researcher’s objective examination, the Turks’ views on the West.


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