Water – Resource handling in Time and Space – 7.5 ECTS

The course Water – Resourcehandling in Time and Space covers what a vital natural resource like water affected how communities are formed and organized in different eras. Focus Greece.


The course also how humans through planning measures sought to utilize the water resource based on the conditions given by the hydrological cycle, the geographical conditions and historical traditions.

Course topics are the importance of water to settlement patterns, supply conditions and the contact surfaces. These three themes span a long time scale, from ancient Greece to today’s societies. A majority of the world’s population lives in the coastal zone, an area subjected to both an increased urbanization and the impact of expected climate impacts. Here, water management a vital role.

The course begins with a single hit and a couple of weeks of preparation in Sweden. This is followed by a field period in Greece to end with a period in Sweden when a report of the work is written. An important part of the course period occurs in the field together with the Swedish Institute in Athens with researchers and teachers in place in Greece.

Greece from a resource perspective

The stay in Greece provides the ability to on-site study and in the field researching the consequences of both excess water shortages. Greece is also a good starting point for the study of the Mediterranean as transportation route and source of supply. Both fishing tourism is an important economic resource.

Contacts that we get through some of the Mediterranean Swedish Institute in Athens and the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies in Nauplion gives a long historical perspective on how water resource utilization and settled from prehistoric times to the present. It offers excellent facilities in a historic and culturally exciting environment. We can meet with Greek researchers, teachers and students participating in the common activities and help with practical solutions and interpretations related to their field work.


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