Lived Religion: Representation and Practice 7.5 ECTS credits

This course for master’s students and doctoral candidates provides knowledge about the field of lived religion with a focus on contemporary Islam. The theoretical parts of the course are online, supplemented with field studies in Istanbul, offering insights into how religion is officially shaped and represented in places such as museums and places of worship. The field studies also explore places of lived religion in Istanbul, such as sites associated with pilgrimage, shrines of saints, and Sufi lodges. The course will illustrate the multifaceted expressions of lived religion through Istanbul as an ethnographic site, equipping students with analytical skills to explain contemporary manifestations of religion.

The field trip is planned for December 1st to 6th, 2024. Please note that accepted students are responsible for covering their expenses for the field trip. Flights can cost approx. 200-400 Euro. Subsidized shared accommodation is offered subject to availability at the institute, approximately 45 Euro/day. Breakfast and lunches are included. Additional expenses associated with the field trip, approx 10-20 Euro/day. Participation in the field trip is not a requirement to pass the course but is strongly encouraged. Please check with your university for available scholarships, see links below.

Find more information and the course syllabus here. Course period: Nov 2024 – Jan 2025. Apply at by April 15, 2024. Questions? Contact Professor Susanne Olsson:

The course is given by Stockholm University, in cooperation with the University of Gothenburg, Umeå University and the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul within the USI network, a collaboration between Swedish Universities and the Swedish Institutes in Rome, Athens and Istanbul.

Scholarships can be found at your university, faculty, department or student nation. University of Stockholm, University of UppsalaUniversity of Gothenburg (if you are student at UGOT, please see Adlerbert scholarships).

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